With Daylight Saving Time Get More Of Extended Daytime

Take a look at how you can be frugal even with more daylight to spend outdoors in the coming months.

It might be tough when daylight saving time leads to longer hours for your watch and your day. Many restaurants and retailers make full use of the situation; introducing special offers for the forthcoming summer months and for the extra time you can spend outdoors. That might be tough to overlook. Here are some ways you can still be frugal and make the most of the extended daylight hours.

In about a week’s time most Americans will be setting their clocks ahead by an hour. Many consumers love the switch to Daylight Saving Time as it means extra time available in the evenings. Others hate the thought that they will be losing an hour of sleep, which their bodies get used to and takes time to adjust, in contrast to watches that adjust automatically. It is a practice that was established in 1918 and it is still on for most Americans today, except for certain parts of Hawaii and Arizona.


Why daylight saving time was incorporated?

Many people think that daylight saving time was forced to allow the farmers more time to work. However the correct belief is that it was done to conserve electricity, so that less usage of artificial light would occur during the extended day hours. This might have been the true intention at the time it was constituted but today the Daylight Saving Time offers several conveniences that lead to greater spending in the modern day and age.

As cooling and heating systems are used in all households, the daylight saving time does not lead to appreciable saving in utility bills and energy usage. On the other hand the consumers end up spending more time as they are awake and active for longer hours. With the extra daylight most consumers end up spending more time at retail outlets, spending on recreation as well as at restaurants. This might be great for the retailers, but it definitely makes one lighter on the wallet. With the market facing an Uncertain Future, it is imperative that frugal habits be incorporated and one learns ways of saving even during Daylight Saving Time.

Most people are tempted to spend more time on restaurant patio areas and rooftop bistros, but it is a fact that restaurant prices are on the increase. For that reason it might be worthwhile to spend less money to host get together at home. With menu prices predicted to be up by three percent on an average at restaurants, you might want to think twice before you spend it all at restaurant visits.

Minimal use of HVAC systems is another way to save on energy usage and utility bills. This is a period of time when many homes still need heating systems, but the coming months will bring on hot weather. With automated the settings of the HVAC systems to an optimal temperature level, one can save on the extensive usage of these systems. Ensuring proper maintenance and servicing of the systems and saving on energy usage are ways to save money this time of the year.

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