Wind Power Projects Get Approval

Energy Industries are seeing a shift and a current wind power project getting approval might well spell the beginning of renewed investments in the renewable energy sector.

Wind Power is considered to be one of the sources of sustainable power besides solar energy. With several wind transmission projects initiated or underway, another new one being commissioned in Texas has further ignited the interest of the investing sector in this industry. This project aims to bring about wind energy in Oklahoma and Texas, but there were certain hurdles that needed to be cleared first. All those hurdles were cleared and Energy Department gave the go ahead on Friday.


Focus on renewable energy

Besides the Retail Sector the energy sector needs to be encouraged as well. The development of this project has been in the offing for quite some time now. It is invested in by Clean Line Energy Partners and state lawmakers had been delaying it. However, a federal decision came about in its favor on Friday. The decision reflects the commitment of the Obama government to encourage renewable energy projects across the country. It is one of the major components of a national goal of reducing climatic changes from taking place. Several companies are looking at developing transmission lines which will be powered by wind farms as well as hydroelectric plants even in populous parts of the country.

The hurdles faced

Even with the national government’s commitments, many alternate energy companies are facing hurdles. For instance Clean Line Energy Partners were not given permission initially by the Missouri Public Service Commission for running transmission lines in certain parts of the state. Many companies propose to run high voltage transmission lines from wind farms across several states. This is essential in order to develop a grid and for accessing power in different regions that is generated by sustainable resources.

Benefits foreseen

The companies that are looking to invest in wind farms and other sustainable eco friendly energy projects feel that the benefits are several:

  • Renewable energy will be provided to more homes
  • More jobs will be created
  • Grid reliability will be enhanced
  • Carbon emissions will go down

More steps to take

There is much work to be done by the energy companies in order to make the propositions work. Land has to be acquired where the lines will cross. There are support clauses in 2005 Energy Policy Act. With these clauses the energy officials hope to instigate upgrades and extensions in clean power projects across the country. Not much work has been done since the commencement of these initiatives in the eighties. Long haul lines need to be set up and approved which need to span thousands of miles. The clearing of the recent project highlights encouragement to this sector which will come at a reasonable cost. There is market demand for clean and low cost energy and with the right investments, this can become a reality. It would certainly be a strong point for the Obama administration that has supported these initiatives. It remains to be seen how the companies will fare when a new government comes into power as it is eminent this year.

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