Tax Free Week 2016 Kick Starts In Connecticut

Make use of seven-day tax free stretch that started in Connecticut. If you are in Connecticut, then you will be happy to know that you do not have to pay any sales tax for some of the things that you buy during this week, thanks to the 2016 Connecticut tax free week. This is one of the important weeks that people always wait for as they get to buy a lot of things at lesser prices. With the schools set to open very soon after the summer holidays, it is an ideal time to buy some of the back to school stuffs.

The Tax Free Week In Connecticut is the best time to buy anything that you need for you and your kids. One thing that you need to bear in mind is that you are eligible to enjoy free taxes only for the items priced under $100. Anything that carries a price tag of over $100 is not tax free. Some of the things that will not fall in the tax free bracket are: jewelry, wallets, sports uniforms and gear and purses, even if they cost under $100.

The things that you can buy tax free all through the week are: rain jackets, children’s school stuff, jeans, shirts or a pair of shoes. The best part is that the tax free items can be bought from physical stores, over the phone (if the retailer is participating) or even online. To know more about The Best Tax Free Investment In USA, you should Check Out This Link. The 2016 tax free week of Connecticut has started from August 21, 12:01 am and lasts till midnight of August 27.


If you are interested in buying a lot of things, then you need to do a thorough research and find the best deals that will help you to save huge during this tax free week. Most of the retailers will be part of this tax free week. The tax free week has become a staple for the back to school purchases. The buyers get to enjoy more discounts as the sales tax is applied after the use of the discounts or coupons that are on offer. So, even if the price of the item you buy starts above $100 and if its price is less than $100 after the discount, then you are eligible to get free sales tax on the item.

There is no doubt that everyone from the retailers to the consumers will be taking advantage of this annual tax free week. This is one way of boosting the economy of the state. The state is expected to make $4.5 million in sales during this August tax holiday week. Connecticut is one of the 16 states in the country to offer the back to school tax free purchases for its residents. An average family with children in grades K-12 spends about $630 for the back to school purchases every year and the average college going student family spends $899 for the back to college shopping.

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