Opaque Ties And Debts In Trump’s Financial Affairs

Trump’s holdings

If you look at the financial state of affairs with respect to the Republican presidential nominee, Donald J Trump, there are debts in double figures and partnerships that are complex. Such data can be found from the Trump Tower located on the Fifth Avenue in the famed streets of Manhattan. The debts are double the amount he can make from his public campaigns. However, as Donald Trump projects himself in the presidential campaign, he is a businessman and he has earned billions of dollars who is not in debt to anyone.

Looking into the real estate holdings of Mr. Trump, however reveals that he owns companies that have a total of $650 million which lies in debt. This is twice the total amount that can be obtained from public filings when he has made a bid for obtaining the presidential position at the White House. Fortunes of Mr. Trump lie also on several financial backers some of whom he has criticized during his campaign. For instance, there is an office building that is on Avenue of Americas whose part owner is Mr. Trump. This building carries a loan of $950 million. One of the lenders is Bank of China against whom Trump has railed against and stated that the bank is an economic enemy of US as well as Goldman Sachs whom he has criticized as the main control point of Hilary Clinton, claiming that the bank has paid her about $675000 in terms of speaking fees. Go Here to check a related article about Hilary and Trump controversies – “Hillary Clinton Criticizes Donald Trump’s Economic Plan“.


Real estate affairs

Real estate projects are another grey area in Trump’s financial. There are mortgage structures and ownership issues that are complex and convoluted. He has had a long career in real estate in US as well as in abroad. He claims to have personal wealth that exceeds $10 billion, but how much of that is free for his personal use is debatable. As a presidential candidate, if Trump is selected, his hold over the tax and monetary policy would be considerable. He would also be able to make appointments that will affect his financial empire as well. Legislative issues would be influenced by him considerably, which in turn will impact his net worth in total. He would be able to officially deal with countries with whom he has had business interests.

Disclosures incomplete

There is a large aspect of Mr. Trump’s business dealings that remain mysterious and non transparent. His tax returns and a valuation of his assets had not been allowed by him, which makes things still cloudier. At the time when the campaign started he had submitted a federal financial disclosure form that showed that his businesses owed a total of $315 million to lenders and ties were there with several limited liability companies, about 500. The forms are designed for candidates that have a simpler structure of finances and hence, it did not require him to disclose many of his business activities.

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