Lessons In Personal Finance

There are many lessons that are not taught to children in school. For instance, the way credit cards function, the money that one earns by working as well as the importance of saving are some important criteria that need to be talked about with your children. You need to explain to your children that money is something that is earned in return for the work that you do. As it does not come from an endless supply, the importance of spending it right and saving is some important concepts that need to be developed at an early age. This article is on explaining the importance of money and savings for your children.

Educating children about finances

It is necessary that children are educated about certain key concepts of personal finance that are usually not talked about in school. In order to help them understand the value of money and not have to learn it the hard way, it is necessary to inculcate certain values about money in them from an early age. With the financial crisis that recently crippled the world, people need to understand that there are certain simple concepts in personal finance that are often overlooked. For instance, the principle of living by the adage of borrowing less than how much you are able to repay is important as that is something modern people tend to forget and overlook. Go Here to know about How US Economy Surges Up With Job Additions.


Source of money

You need to explain to your children that money does not grow on trees. They might get confused when they see you swiping a card and collecting the change, walking away with groceries from the store and so forth, imagining an endless source of money that you probably have. It is necessary to explain to them where the money comes from, the basic way salary or earnings get accrued in a bank account and are paid through the debit or credit cards, in the latter case a payment made against a future repayment that would be done by you.

How money is earned?

It is necessary that parents explain to their kids how money is earned through work. One of the ways of inculcating the sense of earning is to encourage them to do household chores or take on work like cleaning the yard against which they can receive money as a reward. However, it is necessary to segregate principal responsibilities that are independent of rewards while others that can be done in order to earn money in return.

Understanding the importance of savings

Kids want every cool toy that comes into the market and if parents are to fulfill their every request you would not be teaching them the importance of how one has to work hard to achieve certain things in life. You need to give your kids a lesson how they can save their earnings or rewards they get and use the money to buy the items they wish to have.

Basics of investing and credit

Along with adults, youngsters also need to understand the basics of credit and investing options. Many adults often remain clueless about the interest that accumulates on credit taken up. These are certain concepts that even young adults need to be made aware of.

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