Importance Of Value Investing

Value investing will soon become the most sought after investment. The global markets are still under the financial suppression that it faced since 2009. It is a wonderful time for growth investing with lower interest rates. The markets have given a reduced premium to all businesses that can grow in this environment. The price to earnings ratio and other traditional value factors has taken a big hit, even after these factors have offered with a decent premium returns in the long run.

The value investors have been the worst hit and they have been kept in the cold winter conditions for long. It has been left cold and dry since the late 90’s. The growth and the value cycles have been on a mean path for about seven to ten years on an average. The growth cycle is in its ninth year running and there is every chance for this cycle to come to a close pretty soon and we will see the value investments soon entering the market environment. There are many value investors waiting for their turn to shine again the market.

As soon as the shift from the growth values to value investments takes place in the marketplace, you will find the slowcoaches of yesterday to become leaders of tomorrow. There is no way one can predict when the cycle change will happen, but there are certain signs that indicate that this paradigm shift is ever so closer.


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The following are some of the reasons why many market experts feel that the time for value investments is not far away.

Increased interest rates in the US

The value stocks have been performing better than expected in the recent past after a small rate hike. They have been growing in a pervasive manner and there are no signs of slowing down. It has to be noted that the current scenario has happened in December 2015.

High yield bond markets recovery

The high yield markets have shown very good recovery in the recent past and this is one indication that value investments will be a force to reckon with in the near future.  The value investments are inversely linked to the high yield spreads in the US. The high yield spreads are on a low currently because of the better credit situations in the US. This is a big signal that the worst scenario for the value investments is behind us and it is time to move forward.

Powerful commodity markets

The prices of the commodities are increasing and this is a good sign for value investments. As value outperformance is interlinked with the increasing commodity prices, there is every possibility for value investments to see the hay days once again.

Weakening of the US Dollar

The value of the US dollar is low in the international markets. The value indexes are slanted and dependent on the energy, industries and tech markets. This will provide the value investment companies with an opportunity to earn.

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