Hillary Clinton Criticizes Donald Trump’s Economic Plan

Hillary Clinton attacks, Donald Trump’s economic plan for the country. Hillary Clinton, Democratic Party nominee for the upcoming U.S. Presidential election, has blasted Republican Party nominee Donald Trump for his economic plan during an address at a campaign rally. At the same rally, Hillary talked about Her Economic Plan For The Country. She said that all the ideas proposed by Trump are outlandish. She added that even Republicans can’t stand the ideas proposed by Trump. She came up with her own proposals.


Michigan has been a big talking point throughout the primaries. Hillary said that Trump is not interested in talking about Michigan at an event held in Michigan. Hillary Clinton pointed out that, during a Trump’s recent visit to Detroit, he only talked about crime, poverty and failure. According to Hillary, trump has no idea what makes Michigan great. There are so many economic challenges before the American public, but Trump has no practical solution for any of those problems, added Hillary.

Donald Trump’s detailed economic plan

Donald Trump had been criticized for not coming up with a detailed economic plan. But he recently unveiled a detailed economic plan. Hillary Clinton wasn’t impressed. She criticized his economic plans, calling them outlandish.  She joked that 6 guys named Steve wrote the economic plan for Trump. Hillary said the following at the event.

  • She’s going to have your back every day if she becomes the president.
  • She says she’s committed to small-business owners.
  • Hillary talked to the crowd about her father’s drapery printing business.
  • She criticized Trump’s business practices in the past.
  • She cited the example of numerous fights Trump’s business had with smaller companies.


Trump is an irresponsible businessman

Hillary said in her speech that Trump refused to pay his bills in the past, which led to the destruction of many companies. Hillary noted that Trump chose not to pay them. Trump had the resources to pay them, but his personality was such that he flatly refused to pay them. And that says a lot about a person who wants to be the next President, said Hillary in her scathing attack speech. According to the experts, US Economy Will Surpass The Challenges. Take A Look At The Article Here To Learn More.

Trump’s position on trade

Hillary also attacked Trump on his position on trade. He reminded the crowd that 2 of the best known American Olympians criticized Trump on his position on trade. She said that Trump is hidden behind the walls. That was also an indirect dig at his proposal to build a huge wall at the Mexican border. Hillary congratulated Olympians Simone Biles and Michael Phelps for their achievements at the Olympics. She also congratulated their courage to go after Trump. America is not afraid to compete – Hillary added.


Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) was a big issue during the primaries. Trump opposes the deal. Initially, Hillary was for it. But she has changed her stand as she is also against it. She has said that she’s going to oppose the deal once she comes into power. But she didn’t talk about her previous support for the trade deal. During his speech in Detroit, Trump had said he’s aiming at the biggest tax reform in America has seen after a long time.

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