Best Retirement Destinations In US

For those looking to settle at a modest place after retirement, here are some places to consider in the US.

Many people wish to invest in a modest home and stay in a place where the cost of living is affordable. That makes such places ideal for retirement. When one is looking at retirement spots they need to consider certain factors. Housing costs are the main consideration. This needs to be affordable for retired couples and individuals. At the same time, places that offer great amenities at reasonable cost of living also make the ideal spots for retirement. With a budget of spending annually an amount of $40,000 or less, Here Are Some Ideal US Towns that one can plan for as their retirement destination.


If one looks at the median mortgage that is paid by residents in this place, those who are sixty years of age or older pay about $1060 monthly as a mortgage. If a mortgage is not required, the housing costs decline further to a figure around $347 per month. Retirees pay a median cost of $625 monthly which makes it a comfortable budget to plan for retirement.


Those who retire in Albuquerque they can look forward to lower costs in housing as well as several amenities to enjoy. Monthly costs for aged people in terms of mortgage payment are around $1150 while the same comes down to $358 for those who own their own homes. For renters the figure hovers around $657per month.


If you look forward to a life of golf and club facilities you can easily plan to retire and stay in this town. The median costs are reasonable and can help one have a retirement budget of $40,000 per year for a comfortable existence. Renters would need to pay $626 which goes up to $1064 for those who have a mortgage payment to make. The cost hovers around $353 for homeowners on a monthly basis. For advice on pension arrangements, here is a Helpful Article To Check Out on Choose Your Pension Payment Options Wisely.


For South Caroline residents it is a great place to plan for retirement. Residents can get free tuition if they wish to pursue any vocational course after the age of sixty. The housing costs on a monthly basis average around the median figure of $1107 while it is $350 for those who are homeowners. The cost for renters is slightly higher than other places, averaging around $712 per month.


This is another affordable place where one can plan to lead a comfortable life after retirement. They can expect to pay an average monthly amount of $1053. This drops to $329 once the mortgage has been paid off. To rent one would expect to pay around $624.

These figures are subject to change and increase slightly with inflation rates. However, in comparison to other places where costs of living are high, these are ideal destinations for couples and elderly retirees to plan to settle down after an active life. Amenities and housing are affordable and standardized, allowing one to be assured of help and support during their advancing years.

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